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They’re strangers & I don’t know them.

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1. i love a girl in my class, she is so beautiful that make my heart can stop when i look at her, smart, cute, funny….so many words that i can say that she is perfect. But what, i’m just a poor guy, not like her boyfriend, sometime i felt my heart is hurt very bad when her face show up in my mind.

sorry if i write it wrong, because i’m Asian :-< I miss you, you know :-<

2. my bf broke up with me a month ago, and now he is with this new girl. and it sucks because all 3 of us are in an extracurricular class together. but when shes not around, its like we never broke up….

i missed my chance to get back with him. girls/guys, if you want someone back, don’t wait to tell them. you might miss your only chance

3. my boyfriend cheated on me with 3 girlfriends and he broke my heart i remember the good times we had and i miss his arms around me and the whisper he tells me that i will never be alone and i will wipe ur tears that u cry but he lied to me cuz he said i was the only 1but i wasnt my heart is shattered i walked home that night crying and i saw a couple holding hands and i cried and kept walking each night i cry in pain :(

4. but I miss our hugs, her spinning around, our kisses, her smile, her telling me she loves me and how she said she’d take a bullet for me but wat I miss most is loving her-/3

I kno we can only be friends but when she said I was more than her amazing friend I realized that I still love her -</3

5.i love it and him but hiz stupid friends had 2 break us up wat we had was sooo good now im shattered and he sits there like nothing ever happened in between us :’( <|3

6.there is a guy i really like and i screwed things up for myself i had him and let him go now he wont speak to me and i really regret my desicion :/ F M L

7. There was this boy was on my mind this whole time! He threatined to jump nd stab people i was in a fite with, he called me beautul, said im perfect and give me the best hugs……..is he flirting…….or is in love like me………….<3

JESUS will always be there for you.. when no one else does.

two years ago, i was afraid of wanting anything. i figured wanting would lead to trying and trying would lead to failure. but now i find i can’t stop wanting. i want to fly somewhere on first class. i want to travel to europe on a business trip. i want to get invited to the white house. i want to learn about the world. i want to surprise myself. i want to be important. i want to be the best person i can be. i want to define myself instead of having others define me. i want to win and have people be happy for me. i want to lose and get over it. i want to not be afraid of the unknown. i want to grow up and be generous and big hearted, the way people have been with me. i want an interesting and surprising life. it’s not that i think i’m going to get all these things, i just want the possibility of getting them. college represents possibility. the possibility that things are

I feel so loveless. I need some love.